Community Recycling Efforts Applauded

Jim Smidt is one of the city employees who oversees efforts at the Freeman Recycling Center on Cedar Street. “People are doing a great job with recycling and sorting the materials they bring,” says Smidt. “We want them to know that we really appreciate that.”

Smidt is joined by John Butkus and Brian Skinner in the recycling operation on behalf of the city of Freeman. He went on to note that while pricing for recyclables is not at the high rate it once was, recycling does, indeed, save money for taxpayers; it allows the city to keep costs down for garbage loads taken to the Mitchell landfill. 

“Recycling also helps to keep space available at our rubble site,” added Smidt who also helps to manage deposits at the municipal rubble site located along North County Road west of town.

Freeman’s recycling center has been housed in its current facility since 1995 and is available 24/7 on a self-serve basis. Items deposited there must be clean and sorted.

Weather permitting, winter hours at the rubble site are from noon until 4 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

More details regarding items accepted for recycling and on protocols for Freeman’s municipal rubble site and garbage collection can be found online at Refer to the “Services” section, as well as to the detailed information provided in the 5-page “Welcome to Freeman Guide” posted on the homepage.

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