Westward View Expands Housing Opportunities

Westward View Housing Addition

Westward View Expands Housing Opportunities

Idyllic farmlands and impressive nightly sunsets provide the backdrop for Freeman’s new Westward View Addition, an 18-lot housing development.

Situated just beyond Freeman’s water tower on the west side of Cedar Street, the generously-sized lots in the development range in size from approximately a half-acre to more than an acre.

A brand new street - S. West Fifth Street – and the S. Westward View Circle cul-de-sac came to life this summer. With curb and gutter in place, fill work will soon be completed to bring each of the
lots to their final elevation.

The Westward View Addition is a collaborative project involving the City of Freeman, the Freeman Community Development Corporation and the Freeman Growth Foundation. Engineering was done by Stockwell Engineers.

Pricing begins at just $30,000; the largest lots sell for $50,000. Follow the links for a property map, complete pricing details, and covenant. Contact the development & marketing office at 605.925.4444 during business hours for more information and inquiries.

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